MMSW0012: Location update rate boost

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  • The feature optimizes (minimizes) timing between the location updates. As a result, the location update rate is boosted by 20-100% depending on the initial configuration: Marvelmind Indoor Positioning System location update rate and user data transfer rate table
  • It is done for the expense of elimination of time slots normally occupied by advanced telemetry and data transfers. Thus, advanced telemetry (waking up new beacons while the map is already frozen, for example) or user payload data transfer is unavailable. After freezing the map, no changes to the configuration is possible. But as a result, a higher location update rate is achievable
  • It is recommended to use all other recommendations along with the feature to achieve the truly high location update rate of 40+Hz for small submaps

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  • Per beacon. All beacons in the system must have the license

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Location update rate boostMMSW0012: Location update rate boost
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