Omni-Microphone is an advanced all-directions microphone for robots and forklifts when the highest performance and the largest submaps are required.


  • Omni-Microphone is an external microphone that can be used along with Super-Beacons and Mini-RXs. It is possible to connect to the Super-Beacon just by putting the 4×4 board on the Omni on top of the 4×4 pins in the Super-Beacon. For Mini-RX, basic soldering is required. See more in the Operating Manual
  • On request, it can also be used along with Industrial-RX and Industrial Super-Beacons
  • It has a super-wide 360×360-degree beam, i.e., an omni-directional ultrasound reception pattern
  • It is possible to enable and receive a signal from any of the microphones separately, thus, disabling a noise source from an unwanted direction, because the Omni-Microphone consists of 4 external microphones back to back
  • The Omni-Microphone is great for Direction + Location, for example, for robot’s:
  • It is highly recommended for larger submaps (25m+) in IA or when a particularly guaranteed and robust tracking of a forklift or similar mobile object on the largest possible distance. See the video below for more info about microphone diagrams
  • The microphone is IP67 protected by special membranes and compound
  • Only one Omni-Microphone can be connected to a Super-Beacon or a Mini-RX because, effectively, there are four microphones inside already
  • The default cable length is ~1m
  • Read more about connectivity to beacons in the Operating Manual

Omni-Microphone basics and connectivity to Super-Beacons

Omni-Microphone with Boxie

Omni-Microphone with Robot v100

About microphone's diagrams

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