Super-Modem is an upgraded version of the Modem HW v5.1-Outdoor with advanced capabilities. Additional features of Super-Modem as compared to Modem v5.1:

  • UDP streaming over WiFi
  • Full remote control via UDP from and to the Dashboard
  • Streaming out using RS485
  • Streaming out and full control via Virtual UART over USB
  • Bluetooth (hardware enabled but not yet supported in SW). Request from us separately if important for you
  • >1000x more RAM and >1000x Flash memory than Modem HW v5.1
  • Full-size bendable antenna by default
  • Higher ingress protection by default. Up to IP67 – optional
  • Super-Modem’s hardware supports Super-Modem and Super-Super-Modem functionality for Multi-Modem architecture. The architecture is used for very large installations including multi-floor and multi-building

Specs and features:

  • Designed for indoor, outdoor, and industrial applications
  • External bendable antennas with SMA connectors for extended radio range included
  • Currently, it supports a license-free 915MHz ISM band (for example, US, Japan, Korea) and license-free SRD band 868MHz (EU, Russia). Future 433MHz HW variants are available upon request
  • Supports all types of beacons working in the 915/868MHz bands (among them: Super-Beacons, all Industrial beacons, Mini-RX, Helmets, Badges, Jackets, Watches, etc.)
  • Two IP67 external connectors:
    1. Power:
      • – +5V – the same as Industrial beacons
      • – Reset pin
      • – DFU pin
      • – GND
    2. Interfaces:
      • – RS485
      • – UART 3.3V – TX out only
      • – USB (TX+RX)
      • – GND
  • Corresponding IP67 connectors (male part) included
  • No battery inside – external power supply required. It is done in order to support extended temperature range
  • External battery is not practical for long-term due to relatively high and constant power consumption of 1.5-2W
  • Extended working temperature range: -40C…+50C (provided by design – not tested, not certified)
  • Embedded reset switch and DFU switch – magnetic control or external pins on IP67. Magnets are supplied
  • Supports all beacons: Industrial Beacons, Super-Beacons, Mini-RX, Mini-TX, etc. in NIA, MF NIA and IA
  • Radio range is up to a few hundred meters in open space with full-size antennas
  • WiFi range is a few tens of meters of open space
  • Optional external IP67 converter ~110/220V to +5V or DC-DC converter
  • The same mounting holes as for Industrial beacons
Marvelmind Super-Modem for precise indoor positioning systemSuper-Modem
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