Beacon Mini-RX



The Mini-RX Beacon can be used in both the Non-Inverse Architecture (NIA) and the Inverse Architecture (IA). Though the most natural and usual application for the Mini-RX is to be a mobile beacon in Inverse Architecture:

Supports license-free 915MHz ISM band (US) and license-free SRD band 868MHz (EU). All Mini-RX beacons have onboard 6D IMU (3D gyro + 3D accelerometer). The Mini-RX beacon differs from the Super-Beacon in several ways:

  • The Mini-RX is an RX-only beacon, i.e., it can receive, but it cannot transmit an ultrasonic signal
  • The Mini-RX Beacon is significantly smaller than the Super-Beacon in volume and weight. See the Beacons Comparison table

The Mini-RX Beacon can work with Super-Beacons and other beacons on the same radio band in any combination as a part of a Starter Set or as a part of navigation systems.

Mini-RX has about 120-degree ultrasound diagram. It brings a bit more gain, i.e., however, as compared to the Super-Beacon, more attention must be paid to make sure that the line of sight between the stationary beacon and Mini-RX is provided since Super-Beacons has about 360×180 reception diagram whereas Mini-RX has it only about 360×120 degrees.Mini-RX with External Microphones

At the same time, since it is an RX-only beacon, the Super-Beacon is here to stay as a universal dual-use beacon. In all cases, beacons shall use the same radio band.

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 4.2 × 1.5 cm
Mini-RXBeacon Mini-RX
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