The Super-Beacon is the most versatile, easy-to-use, and recommended beacon for Marvelmind precise indoor positioning and navigation system, particularly when starting with the Marvelmind Indoor “GPS” system.

The system is used for autonomous robots, forklifts, drones, and people, as well as for industrial applications requiring precise positioning and localization indoors.

See detailed specifications for the Super-Beacon.

The beacon can also be used for precise distance measurement of up to 50m (1D) or up to 120m (1D) with Marvelmind Horn.

Super-Beacon is a dual-use beacon – it can both receive and transmit ultrasonic pulses.

It can work both as stationary and as mobile.

The Super-Beacon Beacon can be used in Non-Inverse Architecture (NIA), Multi-Frequency NIA (MF NIA), and Inverse Architecture (IA): Architecture comparison.

Ultrasound frequency selection:

If you want to get additional Super-Beacons to your Starter Set Super-MP, get as many different ultrasound frequencies as available. It will give the maximum flexibility for your configurations in IA, MF NIA, and even NIA.

Read more about the ultrasound frequency selection.


All essential SW, as well as Marvelmind Dashboard API, are already included in the price. Just download the Marvelmind SW pack.


The Super-Beacon supports a license-free 915MHz ISM band (for example, US, Japan, Korea) and a license-free SRD band 868MHz (for example, EU, Russia). Support of the 433MHz ISM band (EU) comes with a larger order.


All Super-Beacons have 6D IMU (3D gyro + 3D accelerometer) onboard.

Comparison with other beacons:

The Super-Beacon is improved and in an all-the-way superior version of the Beacon HW v4.9:

  • The Super-Beacon has a separate receiving part with a single wide-beam microphone and sharp DSP filters (like Mini-RX, Industrial-RX, or Industrial Super-Beacons have). Thus, it is more sensitive than Beacon HW v4.9; more resistant to external noise, and easier to set up because you don’t have to care about turning on and off ultrasonic sensors to optimize coverage vs. sensitivity
  • The Super-Beacon can receive any ultrasonic frequency from the bands: 19kHz, 22kHz, 25kHz, 28kHz, 31kHz, 34kHz, 37kHz, and 45kHz. The filter can be selected in the Dashboard. At the same time, the ultrasonic frequency of Beacon HW v4.9 is HW-defined by ultrasonic sensors and can’t be changed
  • The Super-Beacon can receive several ultrasonic frequencies at once. That is used in the Inverse Architecture (IA) and the Multi-Frequency NIA Architecture (MF NIA). See the architecture comparison
  • The Super-Beacon has several-times improved battery lifetime in TX mode as compared with Beacon HW v4.9
  • The Super-Beacon can work with regular Beacons HW v4.9 and Mini-RX and Industrial-RX in any combination as a part of a Starter Set or a part of navigation systems. In all cases, the beacons shall use the same radio band

The Super-Beacons have superseded the Beacon HW v4.9, which have already been discontinued.

Additional information

Weight 0,025 kg
Dimensions 4,7 × 4,2 × 1,5 cm

19kHz, 22kHz, 25kHz, 28kHz, 31kHz, 34kHz, 37kHz, 45kHz

Super-Beacon diagonal viewSuper-Beacon
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