Jacket (IA)



The Jacket is designed for accurate (~20cm) tracking of people in warehouses, assembly plants, construction sites, and similar environments.

All essential SW and Marvelmind Dashboard APIs are already included in the price. Just download the Marvelmind SW pack: https://marvelmind.com/download/ => https://marvelmind.com/pics/marvelmind_SW.zip.

The Jacket works in IA and 868/915MHz.

The jacket is based on Mini-RX with four external microphones providing ultrasound reception from different directions and showing the best performance even in challenging conditions with multiple potential obstructions, including obstructions by the user’s own body.

Lead time – four weeks.

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 4.2 × 1.5 cm
Jacket (IA)
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