MMSW0013: Virtual pen drawing

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  • The feature allows using a mobile beacon as a virtual pen and drawing track on a display or projector. It is possible to wipe the track or move the mobile beacon without a trail by turning the mobile beacon ~±90°
Supported by:
Recommended configuration:
As infrastructure:
  • 2 x Super-Beacons with different frequencies, for example, 31kHz and 45kHz placed on the wall above the screen
  • 1 x Modem v5.1 as a controller connected to the Dashboard or computer

As a “virtual pen”:

An external Microphone or Omni-Microphone will be a “tip of the pen” for easy drawing.
It is recommended to use along with MMSW0012: Location update rate boost for the highest update rate and the lowest latency – the most comfortable drawing.

See for more details:


  • Per mobile beacon (“virtual pen”)

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MMSW0013: Virtual pen drawing using a mobile beaconMMSW0013: Virtual pen drawing
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