MMSW0009: Ultrasound + IMU sensor fusion (post)

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  • Typical applications: fast indoor machinery and sports (karting, skating, BMX, etc.) – everywhere, when true 100Hz update rate is critically important while the usage can tolerate the latency of getting the results, for example, track of a kart after a race
  • See more: Fast indoor positioning system based on IMU sensor fusion

Supported hardware:

  • A regular ultrasound system based on Super-Beacons, Industrial Super-Beacons, etc., is required as usual
  • Additionally, to each mobile beacon (typically, Super-Beacon), Modem v5.1 with a special RHR SW must be connected by wires. It is a new network element RHR. Theoretically, it is possible to link to other types of beacons as well, but it is the easiest to connect to Super-Beacons because they have ready-to-use 4×4 pins
  • Corresponding to each RHR, there is RHU – also physically a Modem v5.1 with a special RHU SW – connected to a USB port/hub on the computer side
  • See more: Ultrasound + IMU sensor fusion post-processing setup 
  • Tested with Super-Beacons and Modem v5.1. Other hardware may be supported on request


  • Currently tested and supported in IA only. Support in NIA and MF NIA is coming in a couple of weeks


  • Per mobile beacon with IMU + Ultrasound sensor fusion enabled. Other mobile beacons – without IMU + Ultrasound sensor fusion – don’t require the license
  • Time-limited license: 7 days or 1 year

Additional information


7 days, 1 year

MMSW0009: Ultrasound+IMU sensor fusion post-processingMMSW0009: Ultrasound + IMU sensor fusion (post)
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