Precise (±2cm) Indoor Positioning System

for autonomous robots, drones, vehicles and humans

Starter set Super-MP

Versatile and recommended for new users

Robot solutions

Precise 2D and 3D indoor positioning and navigation for robots and AGVs

Drone solutions

Precise 3D indoor positioning for drones

Forklifts solutions

Precise indoor and outdoor positioning and tracking for forklifts, carts, and other mobile vehicles

Marvelmind indoor positioning system


10x more accurate than UWB.
100x more accurate than BLE/WiFi


Less expensive than alternatives and more precise at the same time


Precise RTLS for various applications: autonomous robotics, vehicles, drones, manufacturing, logistics, safety. Works indoor and outdoor

Easy to deploy

Basic configurations can be deployed in 5 minutes


250 beacons/tags supported today, covering 20,000m2 and more.
Thousands beacons/tags supported with Multi-modem architecture


Suitable for large-scale industrial applications and university projects

Quick delivery

The same or next day shipment for the majority of products with 3-5 days delivery worldwide via DHL/FedEx/UPS.


Various support channels from online chat to full managed services

600+ customers. 50+ countries. Since 2014

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The world's most accurate
indoor positioning system

10x more accurate than UWB
100x more accurate than BLE

We offer

Easy to deploy ready to use inexpensive kits equipped with all required hardware and software to deploy small precise RTLS in your specific environment before building larger networks. Check Products.


When you have successfully tested the system and familiarized with it expand by adding more stationary beacons (anchors) and more mobile beacons (tags). Choose yours in Products.

Larger projects

We offer the full range of services – from basic initial assessment and consulting to the full-remote deployment with tuning and optimization and managed services. We provide various levels of support.

Customized software

We do SW customization, add new features or tune the existing ones based on your specific requests. Send to us details via:

White-label solution

For larger projects we are ready to supply white-label products. Request via email:


We are happy to teach our partners and customers how to build and operate the system most efficiently. Contact us via email:

Typical Use Cases

Autonomous Robots


Main Marvelmind Robots page.


Autonomous delivery robot to deliver boxes from a warehouse to the assembly line within a car assembly plant:


Delivery demo: external view

Delivery demo: system view


Autonomous advertising robots ramble inside a shopping mall on a predefined path, attracting a crowd and advertising a local dining place.


Autonomous inspection robots in metro and tunnels.


Myriads of different university projects in autonomous robotics:

– Autonomously driving robot indoor

– Autonomously driving robot outdoor

– Robot driving 8-pattern

Autonomous Drones


Main Marvelmind Drones page.

Inspection drones for warehouses, construction sites, and bridges. Virtually any kind of drone with external GPS inputs in the GNSS-denied areas. PixHawk-based drones. Both ArduPilot and PX4 stacks are supported:

– Precise drone tracking indoor

Precise drone tracking outdoor

Autonomous drone indoor

Autonomous drone with Paired   Beacons

Micro-drones for shows

PixHawk-based drones and integration with ArduPilot and PX4

People Tracking


Main Marvelmind People page.

Tracking of warehouse workers for productivity and safety in a warehouse

Tracking of museum visitors to analyze the visitors’ visiting patterns and arrange the exhibitions accordingly

Interactive museum exhibitions showing different multimedia content depending on the type (color) of the visitor’s badge – kids, general audience, professionals

Multi-floor people tracking for industrial applications

Forklifts Tracking


Main Marvelmind Vehicles page.

Tracking of forklifts in a warehouse to collect real-time location data and to optimize routing and movements of the forklifts to increase productivity.

Tracking of forklifts, including their forks in 3D, to find misplaced palettes inside a warehouse more quickly.

Automatic job assigning to the nearest forklift based on the job and forklifts locations.

Speeding (accidents) prevention.

Tracking of forklift-like vehicles in an aluminum melting plant to measure the driver’s adherence to the working procedures and overall response time in case of accidents.

Precise RTLS for Industry


An excavator and a team of 15 workers. The task was to calculate the excavator’s productivity by measuring the number of movements the excavator’s bucket made during the working shift. Another job was to increase safety by creating a geofencing zone around the excavator to warn workers in case of dangerous proximity with the moving parts of the excavator

Precise position measurement of an enormous hook with a 42-tonne carrying capacity inside a steel melting plant. Accurate tracking of the hook in 3D + hook’s angle against a bridge crane and the loading vehicles. The setup used for productivity and safety.

Vehicles Tracking


Main Marvelmind Vehicles page.

Local RTLS in the GNSS denied areas for public parking authorities.

Bus parking assistance for bus drivers and autonomous buses.

The automatic docking station of boats in the harbor – precise localization of connectors from the ground charging station to the boats’ mating part.

Swarm Robotics


Research in swarm robotics. Demo: Precise tracking of 90 swarming robots in real time.

Precise – 1-2-cm level accuracy – localization of multiple mobile objects. Demo and the settings.



Research of autonomous boats.

Autonomous docking of small boats to larger ships.

Autonomous boats without GPS.




Figures skating

Horse riding




See more about Fast indoor positioning systems with IMU sensor fusion




Different VR and AR applications:

Industrial VR training on nuclear station

Selling houses in VR

VR demo: Location+Direction

VR team games and VR quests as an alternative to costly motion capture systems.

They assist VR/AR systems with repositioning after losing a lock/track.


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