Precise (±2cm) Indoor Positioning and Navigation

for autonomous robots, drones, vehicles and humans


10x more accurate than UWB
100x more accurate than BLE/WiFi


Up to 10 times less expensive than UWB


Precise RTLS for various applications: autonomous robotics, vehicles, drones, manufacturing, logistics, safety. Works indoor and outdoor

Easy to deploy

The basic configurations can be deployed in 5 minutes


250 beacons/tags supported today - 20,000m2 and more
Thousands beacons/tags supported with Multi-Modem tomorrow


Suitable for large-scale industrial applications and university projects

Quick delivery

The same or next day shipment for the majority of products.
Free of charge shipment for orders starting from $399


Various support channels from online chat to full managed services

We offer

Easy to deploy ready to use inexpensive kits equipped with all required hardware and software to deploy small precise RTLS in your specific environment before building a larger networks. Check Products


When you have successfully tested the system and familiarized with it expand by adding more stationary beacons (anchors) and more mobile beacons (tags). Choose yours in Products

Larger projects

We do the full range of services – from basic initial assessment and recommendation to the onsite deployment with tuning and optimization and managed services. Various levels of support

Customized software

We do SW customization, add new features or tune the existing ones based on your specific requests. Send to us details via:

White-label solution

For larger projects we are ready to supply white-label products. Request via email:


We are happy to teach our partners and customers how to build and operate the system most efficiently. Contact us via email:

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