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We love universities! Yes, we developed our system for industrial applications. However, very often, our typical user is “a post-doc from Stanford“.

University users demand something special and unique and that is what we specialize in and because professors, post-docs, PhDs, and regular students are deeply educated to enjoy the system in full.

Why Marvelmind solutions are particularly good for research

Our indoor positioning system is ~10x more accurate than UWB and ~100x more accurate than BLE.

Since we have developed our system from scratch – own hardware, protocols, low-level and high-level software – we can customize nearly anything to your specific needs. Our typical customer has very atypical requirements, which we love because we can meet them.

We don’t use third-party products or components that cannot be replaced. Thus, our roadmaps don’t depend on third parties. If you need something very urgently, we can do that for you.

We have customized many systems and robots to meet end-user needs. For example, the majority of optional software features were first requested by somebody as customized software development and later they were offered to other users as well.

Download a PDF with our open interfaces and start using them right away.

Download our open API and control our system from your GUI.

Our indoor positioning system doesn’t require a cloud to operate. No data is leaking out. Everything is calculated on the premise and under your control.

We have an extensive YouTube channel with videos ranging from unpacking to detailed reviews of robots or popular detailed explanations of the technology.

This makes it easier for novices to adopt the system and keeps hardcore users aware of the deep features of the system and robots.

We have very transparent pricing:
Solutions and services

Of course, it is super-easy to pay: PayPal, credit cards, invoices for bank transfers – it’s up to you.

For state universities, we even make exceptions and accept post-payment, albeit adding a small post-payment fee.

We typically ship the same or the next business day because we keep all popular products in stock.

University cases and examples

Univirsities, students, PhDs, post-docs, professors and researchers used our system in cases we couldn’t envisage. That makes it so much fun to learn and discover.

  • Links and papers we accidentally came across in the internet: Marvelmind users. If you want your paper being linked – let us know
  • Marvelmind in archaeology


Other cases and examples
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