External Microphone-IP67



  • External microphone that can be used along with Super-Beacons and Mini-RXs to create dual-head configurations
  • Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwH-ScrTnm8
  • Allows to have functionality nearly equal to two separate beacons in RX mode – both IA and NIA – but with much small size and significant cost savings. Limitations as compared to separate beacons:
    • Requires soldering. There easy to use pins on the board and connectivity is described in the Operating Manual
    • Up to 2 additional microphones can be connected to a Super-Beacon or to a Mini-RX. Together with internal microphone – three microphones per beacon
    • Maximum length of the cable – up to 1-2m. Recommended – not more than 1m
  • Default length – 23-25cm
  • Read more about connectivity to beacons in the Operating Manual
  • Soldering is required
This sales item is shipped using Shipping & Handling fee (Complexity I).
External Microphone-IP67
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