MMSW0008: All hedgehogs’ location update in every cycle




  • Typical applications: physically larger maps on large factories, large warehouses; maps comprised of several buildings, several floors
  • Examples of usage: tracking of a cabin of a bridge crane as an independent submap(map)/island inside a map. The map now becomes a super-map, because it already includes other maps, though the maps are rather primitive and consist of a single submap (island). The 1D coordinate of the cabin measured in the islands is, for example, the Y coordinate along the bridge crane. Several such cranes with a typical width of ~36m inside a 480m-long factory can coexist. Each of the bridges will be handled as independent maps/islands. The 1D coordinate of the bridge itself along the 480m length of the factory will be the X coordinate inside the super-map
  • Additional information for better understanding: regular maps consist of one or several submaps. But the submaps inside the map are united into a single map. The submaps are dependent on each other in terms of update rate, handovers, etc. The MMSW0007 license allows building independent islands (submaps or actually maps) inside a map. Effectively, the islands starts operating as independent maps inside a super-map
  • The islands (submaps) must be physically isolated from other islands or the main map so that the ultrasound pulses from neighboring submaps wouldn’t interfere with the neighbors

Supported hardware:

  • It is a system level feature and independent on beacons’ hardware
  • Supported by newer Modems v5.1 and Super-Modems


  • Currently supported in MF NIA. Future support in IA and NIA is possible and available on request
  • Islands must be physically isolated in terms of ultrasound propagation from other islands or the main map. In practice, it means >50m distance. Or the islands must operate on different ultrasound frequencies than their neighbors


  • Per beacon
  • Perpetual license
All hedgehogs' location update in every cycle (in MF NIA and NIA)MMSW0008: All hedgehogs’ location update in every cycle
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