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433 MHz (EU), 915 MHz (US)

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yariv LAND
5 months 2 days ago

Dear Sir,

hope that you are well,

we have just procured a few units of Beacon – HW v4.9 – plastic housing, and now I would like to include them into my mechanical assembly model.

can you please send me the CAD 3D model of the unit?

Appreciate your support and awaiting for your response,


4 months 8 days ago

Hello Yariv,

Please, see the links:
Beacon external STEP file
Beacon external JPG file

Kind regards,

3 months 3 days ago

What size of static and mobile device?

3 months 1 day ago

They are the same in size: 55x55x27mm without antenna. With antenna: 55x55x67mm

13 days 20 hours ago

Is it need a power supply or works with battery? How long is the battery life?

12 days 23 hours ago

It has the battery – 1000mAh – and embedded charger from the USB.
Recommended operation for permanent use – external USB power supply.

Battery lifetime totally depends on the usage and update rate. With 8Hz update rate – 3 days (72h). With lower update rate – nearly proportionally longer.