Industrial-RX with Omni



Industrial-RX with Omni is a perfect mobile beacon (tag) for indoor forklift and vehicle tracking:

It is particularly good for forklifts and vehicles because it combines the robustness and mounting easiness of Industrial beacons and the 360×360-degree diagram of Omni-Microphone.

Key features:

  • Designed for industrial applications
  • Can only receive ultrasound pulses. Cannot transmit ultrasound
  • Main application: mobile beacon (tag) in IA

Main specs:

  • Recommended ultrasound reception range up to 30 meters
  • Omnidirectional diagram of ultrasound reception
  • Radio range with a modem with full-size antenna ~400m (open space)
  • Extended temperature range up to -40…+60C (by design)
  • No battery inside to support the extended working temperature range

Ingress protection:

  • Ingress protection of the Omni-Microphone up to IP67 (by design)
  • Ingress protected of the main body up to IP56 (provided by design)
  • Ingress protection can be increased on demand
  • Explosion-protected version possible on demand

Power supply:

  • +5V power supply (peak current consumption – 200mA; average current depends on the location update rate ~0.2…50mA)
  • Can be powered via the 4-pin IP67 power connector
  • Can be powered via the 7-pin USB data & power connector
  • 4-pin (power) open pins connectors (male) included
  • No battery inside – to support extended working temperature range


  • RS485, UART 3.3V, USB via the 7-pin IP67 connector
  • Reset switch and DFU switch via magnetic control
  • Reset switch and DFU switch via pins on the 4-pin connector

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Industrial-RX with OmniIndustrial-RX with Omni
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