Marvelmind Indoor Navigation System is an off-the-shelf indoor navigation system designed to provide precise (±2cm) location data to autonomous robots, vehicles (AGV), and copters. It also used to track other objects that the mobile beacon installed on, for example, virtual reality (VR) systems, helmets for construction workers or miners, etc.

The navigation system based on stationary ultrasonic beacons which united by radio interface in a license-free band. The location where a mobile beacon installed is calculated based on the propagation delay of an ultrasonic signal (Time-Of-Flight or TOF) to a set of stationary ultrasonic beacons using trilateration.

Key requirements proper system functionality:

  • For 3D (X, Y, Z) tracking – An unobstructed sight by a mobile beacon of three or more stationary beacons simultaneously
  • For 2D (X, Y) tracking – An unobstructed sight by a mobile beacon of two stationary or more stationary beacons simultaneously
  • Distance to the nearest 2 or 3 beacons – not more than 30 meters (recommended). In ideal conditions – up to 50 meters

Technical Details

Distance between beacons

  • Reach up to 50 meters in lab conditions
  • Recommended distance is 30 meters (Transducer4 to Transducer4 looking straight at each other and other transducers are off)

Coverage area

  • Reach up to 1000 m2 with the Starter Set configurations
  • Coverage for larger territories is similar to cellular networks

Location precision

  • Absolute: 1–3% of the distance to the beacons
  • Differential precision: ±2 cm

Location update rate

  • 0.05–45Hz
  • Can be set manually
  • Depends on the distance between the mobile and stationary beacons (shorter distance — higher update rate)
  • Depends on the number of mobile beacons: for example, update rate of 25Hz for 1 mobile beacon will result in update rate of 25Hz/2 for 2 mobile beacons, and 25Hz/3 – for 3 mobile beacons, etc
  • Depends on the radio interface profile (500kbps vs. 38kbps)
  • Slightly depends on the number of stationary beacons—different than for mobile beacons

Power supply


  • LiPol battery 1000mAh
  • Battery lifetime depends on usage
  • Stationary beacon with 16Hz update rate => up to 72h (tested)
  • Stationary beacon with 1Hz update rate => ~72h*16 => 1 month
  • Mobile beacon with 8Hz update rate – 12h (tested)


  • microUSB – recommended for permanent use


Mobile beacon from Starter Set:

  • 59 grams (including battery 1000mAh and housing and antenna 50mm)
  • 27 grams (bare board w/o battery)

Beacon size

  • 55x55x33 mm (with 50mm antenna: 55x55x65mm)

Additional information


433 MHz (EU), 915 MHz (US)

Questions and Answers

2 months 17 days ago

Does MarvelMind system is compatible with Naza control board?

Does this system measures position in all axes (x,y,z) and show it on a user interface in 3D like 2D in your videos?

Is this system capable of positioning more than one object at the same time?

Marvelmind Robotics
2 months 17 days ago

We stream out data in standard GPS format – NMEA 0183 format. So, if you disconnect a regular GPS received and connect our Indoor “GPS” system, you copter would believe that it is connected to a very precise real GPS.

We do stream out data in 3D format (X, Y, Z), but Dashboard shows it only in 2D currently.

Yes, it does. We have tested up to 30 beacons (stationary + mobile in any combination).

2 months 3 days ago

Can you track multiple mobile beacons to get 3 sets of XYZ information to calculate rotation information (roll, pitch, yaw) as well? Assuming the 3 mobile beacons were connected to 1 rigid body.

1 month 17 days ago

Yes, current modem can support up to 30 beacons – mobile and stationary combined.

Regarding (roll, pitch, yaw) – we stream out raw IMU data (3D gyro + 3D accelerometer + 3D magnetometer) from beacons with IMU installed.

Calculating the same based on 3 mobile beacons would be also possible. However, that would for pretty slow movements only:
1) Location measurements are done one by one, so, there will be delay between beacon 1-2-3 measurements, i.e. not simultaneously
2) Overall, update rate per system is nearly the same independent on the number of beacons, but update rate per beacon would be 3 times lower

2 months 58 minutes ago

What kind of accuracy could be achieved for lets say a 30’x30′ area? With beacons at 4 corners.

1 month 17 days ago

+-2cm. Accuracy doesn’t really depend on the distance

1 month 28 days ago

Ребят, а приемник анализирует вернувшийся ультразвуковой сигнал и считает время сдвига амплитуды и на основе этого вычисляет расстояние, или все модули имеют одно системное время и на его основе создают некую амплитуду сигнала, которую приемник потом расшифровывает обратно в системное время отправителя и на основе сдвига вычисляет расстояние? Просто во втором случае не нужна обратная связь и уменьшается погрешность. Извините, если вопрос окажется глупым.
Марат С.

1 month 17 days ago

Все маяки и модем работают в одном очень точно синхронизированном времени.
Измеряем time of flight => вычисляем расстояния => вычисляем координаты => стримим их наружу и из модема, и из мобильных маяков

1 month 14 days ago

Can this system be used outdoors? For example, placed around a field at a farm. Thanks.

1 month 10 days ago

Yes, the system can work outdoor as well as indoor.
The only important factor is that the current system is not rain/moisture/dust protected. So, if you have conditions similar to those inside an office, then, please, use the system outdoor without hesitation. However, if there is rain or snow or dust, then the system may be easily broken

1 month 8 days ago

Dear all,

We would like to use your UWB technology with drone in Logistic Warehouses. Currently bought starter-kit. How we would deal with return path of the UWB, as in the inventory is not so easy to have line of sight. Any recommendations? As we see your customers are Amazon, you probably will have some experience with that….

1 month 7 days ago

For autonomous indoor of copter, it would be grate if there is a demo video of connecting MarvelMind system to APM autopilot or Naza control board or other microcontroller. It is very important for us to known the compatibility.
How long does it take to send this product to Japan?