Starter Set IA-04-2D-Badge



This is a ready-to-use-out-of-the-box Starter Set that supports Inverse Architecture (IA) with 2D tracking (XY), and Marvelmind Badge is included.

All essential SW, as well as Marvelmind Dashboard API, are already included in the price of the set. Just download the Marvelmind SW pack: => A simple-to-understand price for all HW+SW combined without subscription fees or other recurrent chargers.

Use cases:

  1. Tracking visitors at conferences, museums, hospitals, offices
  2. Workers in industrial applications, when Marvelmind Helmet is not suitable
  3. Activation of events in quests, shows based on players’ precise location
  4. Geo-fencing zones with alarms and logging of events and automatic activation of external devices (light, audio/speaker, displays) depending on the Badge (user) position


  • 1 x Marvelmind Badge – 915/868 MHz as mobile beacon
  • 2 x Super-Beacons – 915/868 MHz with different ultrasonic frequencies (f1 and f2 – usually, 25kHz and 31kHz. Mention in your email/order your preferred frequencies) as stationary beacons
  • 1 x Modem HW v5.1 – 915/868 MHz as central controller of the system

This sales item is shipped using Shipping & Handling fee (Complexity I).


  • The set covers an open area of up to 1,000 m2 in ideal conditions. Recommended – up to 200-400m2. Maximum distance from the nearest 2 stationary beacons to the Badge – 30m or less
  • In the Inverse Architecture (IA), stationary beacons emit ultrasound (on different ultrasonic frequencies) and mobile beacons (Badges) receive it. Thus, it is possible to have multiple mobile beacons without (or minor) update rate reduction per mobile beacon, unlike in the Non-Inverse Architecture
  • The HW supports both 915MHz (the US – ISM license-free band) and 868MHz (the EU – SRD license-free band). The right radio band can be selected by radio settings inside the Dashboard
  • Badge is better than Mini-RX for a complex environment, because it contains 3 microphones: one – in the Mini-RX itself and 2 additional microphone in the strap. It greatly improves the quality of tracking, but for the expense of exact positioning – instead of a single dot-like point (ultrasonic microphone in the Mini-RX), Badge is a distributed microphone system. Thus, the “central point” is spread. In majority of real use-cases of people tracking, it is absolutely OK and sufficient

Further expansion:

  • For more mobile objects – add more Badges
  • For more coverage – add more stationary beacons. Supporting up to 250 beacons (stationary beacons + badges) today. In Multi-Modem configuration – up to several thousands beacons
  • Instead of or along with Beacons HW v4.9, it is possible to use Super-Beacons or even Industrial Super-Beacons or Industrial-TX beacons as stationary beacons
  • See more in Placement Manual

The Marvelmind Indoor “GPS” navigation system is based on stationary ultrasonic beacons that are united by radio interface in a license-free band (915MHz). The location of the mobile beacon is calculated based on the propagation delay of an ultrasonic signal (Time-Of-Flight or TOF) to a set of stationary ultrasonic beacons using trilateration.

Key requirements for the system to function properly:

  • For 2D (X, Y) tracking – An unobstructed line of hearing/sight from a mobile beacon (Badge) to two or more stationary beacons simultaneously
  • Distance to the nearest 2 or more beacons – not more than 30 meters (recommended). In ideal conditions – up to 50 meters

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 4.2 × 1.5 cm

915/868MHz (US/EU)

Starter Set IA-04-BadgeStarter Set IA-04-2D-Badge
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