MMSW0004: MF NIA support




  • The license activates support of the MF NIA architecture in a beacon. The key advantage of the MF NIA architecture is that it allows up to 5 times higher update rate than NIA.
  • The MF NIA is particularly suitable for multiple drones or multiple noisy forklifts or other mobile objects. See more about the architectures:
  • Must be activated on stationary beacons and on mobile beacons
  • The modem has a switch enabling the MF NIA, but no license is needed for the modem to support MF NIA
  • See demos of the MF NIA in action. For comparison, IA wouldn’t be able to work in this conditions, because the boats are noisy and with regular NIA, the update rate per boat would just 1/2 of that of MF NIA (for 2 boats) and 1/5 of that for 5 boats:


  • Supported by all types of beacons. See more about the MF NIA itself for the sets and required beacons
  • Only Modem v5.1 is supported


  • Per beacon (and stationary and mobile)
  • Perpetual license
  • No need to activate again with the next Marvelmind SW pack upgrade

To order:

  • Pay for the feature (via PayPal or other methods)
  • Order the feature via the Dashboard by providing beacon’s CPU ID or send us email with the beacon’s CPU ID
  • We will generate the license key and send to you via email
  • Place the license key into Dashboard/Licenses folder
  • The features becomes activated in the Dashboard
MMSW0004: MF NIA supportMMSW0004: MF NIA support
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