MMSW0015: Automatic submap self-calibration

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  • The feature enables automatic periodic submap self-calibration to compensate for changes in the air: temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.
  • Very useful for cases when the air temperature changes over time significantly – more than several degrees or where the absolute distance measurement is important
  • Working principle: a pair of stationary beacons in self-calibrating submaps have a known measured by other means distance between them. The beacons periodically switch from the normal mode of serving the mobile beacons to measuring the distances between the stationary beacons. Based on the currently measured distance, previously measured and recorded distances, and manually set distances, the system performs the self-calibration. It generates adjustment coefficients shared with other stationary and mobile beacons and modems. Thus, the overall accuracy of absolute distance measurement increases significantly – from typical 1-3% to substantially better than 1%
  • The feature is not required for the regular use of the system, for example, guiding robots from points A, to B, C, D, and back
  • There could be one, two, or multiple self-calibrating submaps. For example, if all submaps are more or less in the same conditions. Thus, it is enough to have only one license and one submap with self-calibration. it will share the calibration details with the whole map – with all submaps, beacons, and the modem. However, there could be submaps with drastically different air conditions – indoor and outdoor, with stable or variable air conditions, etc.
  • The feature allows choosing which submap will use calibration from which submap
Supported by:


  • Per self-calibrating submap

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