MMSW0002: Heading packet GPHDT for NMEA0183




  • The license allows getting $GPHDT packet (heading) in NMEA0183.
  • Works with the Paired Beacons configuration for Location+Direction. See more about the Paired Beacons:
  • Supported by Super-Beacons, Mini-RXs, Industrial Super-Beacons, Industrial-RXs, Industrial-TXs


  • Per streaming beacon
  • Perpetual license
  • No need to activate again with the next Marvelmind SW pack upgrade

To order:

  • Pay for the feature (via PayPal or other methods)
  • Order the feature via the Dashboard by providing beacon’s CPU ID or send us email with the beacon’s CPU ID
  • We will generate the license key and send to you via email
  • Place the license key into Dashboard/Licenses folder
  • The features becomes activated in the Dashboard
MMSW0002: Heading packet GPHDT for NMEA0183
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