Indoor localization - with rain

Practical hints for using ultrasound-based positioning systems in the rain

Task and request

Precisely track cars and other vehicles under test in artificial rain and fog conditions for verification and certification purposes. Other existing localization methods don’t work well enough.

Rain and fog area

The length of the hall is just 84m.

Rain and fog area

Request: send us the datasheets of the devices and an offer to cover an area.

Recommended configuration and solution

Recommended configuration:
Stationary beacons:

About submaps:

On top of the beacons, a hood must protect against direct rain and not obstruct your robots’ line of sight.
Mobile beacons:
  • 1 or 2 x (Industrial-RX with Omni + Converter-DC-DC-IP67) per robot
  • Industrial-RX beacons shall be placed under a hood or a roof or even inside a chassis, but Omni must be sticking out and providing the line of sight to two or more stationary beacons within 30 meters, and the antenna must be outside as well to have proper radio connectivity with the Super-Modem
Optional (recommended) SW:
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