Magnetic holder


Magnetic holder is perfect for easy placement of stationary beacons on the walls and ceilings and pointing them to the optimal direction.


Magnetic dual-ball holder for beacons:

  • Ideal for Super-Beacons or Super-Beacons-Outdoor
  • It gives the highest flexibility when the highest ultrasound or radio performance is required by directing the beacon with a perfect angle to its service zone
  • Durable and solid

Highly recommended for all users of Super-Beacons and Starters Sets Super-MP or Starter Set SmallDrone.

Industrial Super-Beacons and Industrial-RX can be tried as well, but they may be too heavy for the balls to hold the direction, particularly, if shaken.

Since the holder is magnetic, some carriers (DHL/FedEx/UPS, etc.) may also restrict the shipment or charge slightly more for the shipment. Each case will be discussed separately before the shipment.

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Magnetic holder for stationary beacon allows facing the beacon to the most suitable directionMagnetic holder
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