MMSW0006: Dedicated pin for geofencing alarm




  • The license activates support for a dedicated pin for geofencing zone violation. Instead of reading the stream of location data in the protocol, it is now possible to have just a pin from the 4X4 of Super-Beacon or pins on the modem or internal pins in the Mini-RX to be automatically switched to “0” or “1”, on every time reset, when the geofencing zone rules are violated.
  • The feature simplifies the interfacing with external devices, for example, it enables an automatic stop of a robot or a machine, or an alarm lamp or sound, when the geofencing rules are violated

Supported hardware:

  • Super-Beacon
  • Modem v5.1
  • Mini-RX


  • Since all pins are already occupied, depending on the device other functionality on the dedicated pin won’t be supported any more. Thus, by setting in the Dashboard the use must choose to use either this functionality or the original one on the pin – not both at the same time


  • Per beacon or per modem
  • Perpetual license
Dedicated pin for geo-fencing alarmMMSW0006: Dedicated pin for geofencing alarm
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