UART cable for Mini-TX and Mini-RX



The UART cable provides simple UART connectivity from Mini-TX and Mini-RX to external devices, for example, PixHawk or Arduino. Just two wires (TX and GND) are required. This connectivity option eliminates the need for a USB-to-UART converter for simple devices without USB host, which would otherwise bring additional complexity, cabling, and weight.


  1. 6-pin SMD connector that can be soldered to the Mini-RX board. Mini-TX already has the connector soldered
  2. Mating 6-pin connector with 10cm wires ready for soldering, for example, to other boards of pins to connect to PixHawk


  • Mini-RX, by default, doesn’t have a connector installed on the board to provide physical UART connectivity (due to its small housing size)
  • The UART Cable includes a board connector for SMD (soldering required) and the cable to connect to your external devices
  • Default length of the wires is 10cm. Customized length is possible on request for an MoQ of 100 pcs
  • By default, the cable has open wires for soldering on the opposite side of the connector. On request, an optional item with connectors on both sides can be provided for an MoQ of 100 pcs
  • For connectivity details, check the Operating Manual chapter “Mini-RX internal solderable pinouts (for experienced users only)” as well as the document “Hardware interfaces and protocols of data exchange with Marvelmind devices
  • Soldering is required
UART cable for Mini-TX and Mini-RX
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