The 3.6V & 43Ah (155Wh) LiPol cell is a high-capacity external battery for Super-Beacons. It increases the beacon’s work time up to ~43-50 times as compared with the time on the internal battery, which enables the working time up to 1-2 years depending on the update rate and other settings.

Recharging takes 48h with base charger. During this time, the Super-Beacon works on its internal battery. Thus there is no interruption for the maintenance.

Key specs:

  • Rechargeable high-capacity LiPol cell: 3.6V & 43Ah
  • Direct pin compatibility with Super-Beacons: two wires from the cell to 4×4 external pins on the Super-Beacon
  • Can be used with modifications with other beacons: Mini-RX, Mini-TX, Beacons HW v4.9
  • Charger is NOT including. Charging time – 48h. But you can use any 3.6V LiPol chargers
  • Battery lifetime with Super-Beacon – up to 1-2 years depending on the settings

Notice that LiPol batteries are considered as dangerous goods. Their shipping is expensive and may significantly contribute to the total cost of the battery.

Additional information


433 MHz (EU), 915 MHz (US)

External battery 3.6V & 43Ah for Super-BeaconBattery-3.6V-43Ah
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