Robot v100

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Marvelmind Autonomous Delivery Robot v100 is designed for smart warehousing, industrial applications, and research. Robot v100 can be used as a base for your robotic projects, because it offers easy expansion options and open API for a low-level control of the robot.

Robot v100 main website:

Robot v100 YouTube playlist.

Typical use cases:

  • Autonomous delivery of boxes or baskets with goods/tools/inventory in warehouses, assembly plants, chemical plants
  • Autonomous (daily, nightly, hourly, etc.) inspection with optional cameras and additional measurement devices

We do customization on request. Thus, the robot can be a base for your robotics projects.

Key specs and features:

  • Fully autonomous delivery from point A to point B (C, D, E, etc.) indoors with a single button click
  • Up to 100 kg payload with an easily reconfigurable multi-shelves structure for different payload
  • Automatic LIDAR-based obstacle detection and avoidance for safety
  • Full remote control & monitoring by a dispatcher
  • Long battery lifetime: ≥16h drive with 60kg load on a single charge
  • Fast charging: ≤4h (fast charger is included)
  • Own weight: ~50kg – inherently safer than larger AGVs
  • Onboard display for arbitrary path setting (optional)
  • QR-code scanner (optional)
  • Additional internal power converters to power user’s equipment (displays, arms, cameras, etc.) (optional)
  • Customized reporting and analytics (optional)
  • White labeling variant (optional)
  • Further customization (optional)



Additionally, we share a set of detailed assembly videos directly with customers.

Lead time ~1-2 weeks.

Robot v100
4 990.00 
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