Antenna Yagi-7




  • Directional high-gain antenna for 915/868 MHz bands
  • Designed to extend the range of radio coverage of modems and stationary beacons by about 3-4 times as compared with the Full-Size Antenna. Installing Yagi on both ends – modem and beacon – can increase the range to 9-16 times
  • In some special cases, for example, tunnels and 1D tracking, the antenna can be recommended even for mobile beacons


  • Type: 7-element Yagi
  • Gain: 12dBi
  • Beamwidth: H:48 °, E:36°
  • Frequencies: covers both 868 MHz (EU) and 915 MHz (US, Japan, Korea, etc.) bands – according to our own S11 measurements. According to the manufacturer, 900-930 MHz
  • Length: ~65-cm beam
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Connector: 50-cm coaxial cable with reverse polarity SMA connector mating Marvelmind beacons and modems with SMA connectors


  • If you are particularly into radio certifications, then it shall be understood that we have been tested and received FCC and Telec/MIC certifications for Super-Beacons and Modems v5.1 with Full-Size Antennas that have lower gains than this Yagi antenna. Thus, very formally speaking, Super-Beacons and Modems v5.1 may have some radiation power in some directions higher than the certifications
  • However, very likely, they are still well within limits, particularly for the US, because our modems and beacons have just 10-13 dBm output power (10-20 mW) whereas in the US it is possible to emit up to 30 dBm (1 W) allowable power with up to 6dBi antennas

Additional information


433 MHz (EU), 915/868MHz (US/EU)

High-gain antenna for 915/868 MHz bandAntenna Yagi-7
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