Automatic voice guiding system for visually impaired
people in museums

There are about 280 million people worldwide who are visually or impaired partially sighted, and 38 million of them are entirely blind

The research results led us to conclude that people who are blind or have low vision like visiting museums and are extremely happy about adaptations made to increase accessibility. The responses make it clear that physical accessibility and content adaptations are major levers in increasing the visits by visually impaired individuals to museums.

Marvelmind indoor positioning system for museums and exhibitions

Organization challenge

While this technology is designed specifically for those who have vision disabilities, they are accessible to all people in museums. In this post, I am going to discuss a few of the accessibility features that could help People with Visual Impairment to explore and enjoy museums. Perhaps the essential piece of advice is that museum staff should become familiar with all of the accessibility features available for individuals with disabilities.

Our solution

Stationary beacons are placed around the museum, typically high on the wall near the ceiling, and act as location reference points for the mobile beacons on the visitors.



Mobile beacons – specially modified Badges – are precisely tracked with the help of stationary beacons and under the control of the modem – the central controller of the system – and provide accurate positioning and direction for visitors.



By following voice commands via the headphones, visitors can freely move from one exhibition to another and listen to the audio guide when entering the point of interest, for example, in front of a piece of art with ±2cm accuracy.



Thus, visually impaired visitors can enjoy the museum and be deeply immersed in the art.

Indoor navigation system for blind people

Technical solution architecture

Marvelmind indoor positioning system for voice guiding of visually impaired people in museums

Voice guiding

Precise voice commands guiding visitors via headphones

For visually impaired

Can be used even by visually impaired and blind people

Easy to use

As easy to use as a regular visitor badge and audio guide. Everything is automatic

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Marvelmind precise Indoor positioning system for visually impaired people
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