How to choose the height of stationary beacons

What factors affect the optimal height selection for stationary beacons

A customer of ours asked: “I can influence height of installation, what is the ideal height for beacon with horn if forklift has 2m height? Now there is plan of 6m green height”.

We expand the answer wider: what the optimal height of stationary beacons is and why.

Selection process of the proper height of stationary beacons

Usually, the optimal height comes from the weighted intersection of several factors/requirements/constrains:

  • If you use IA and Omni-Microphones on mobile beacons, then placing the stationary beacons just 1-2 meters above the Omni-Microphone installed on the roof of the forklift is the best option
  • If you are using a Super-Beacon or Industrial Super-Beacon with a single embedded microphone facing up, then, ideally, the lowest angle towards the stationary beacons from the horizon shall be 20-30 degrees, i.e., the required height of the stationary beacons will depend on the largest horizontal distance from the mobile beacon to the serving it stationary. Thus, the required height can be pretty big. But the larger the height, the larger the distance, i.e., the range of the system is eating out, whereas the maximum recommended distance is 30 meters. See more:
Optimal height of the stationary beacon and the angle towards it when embedded microphone is used

Pay attention to basic geometry

  • If the height is too big, you may start experiencing a loss of accuracy due to unfavorable geometry. See more:
  • For NIA and MF NIA, the mobile beacon is emitting ultrasound. The total diagram is about 270v to 360h, i.e., you can place the stationary beacon (receiving ultrasound) just above the roof of the forklift. Usually, it is best if the beacon on the roof is 30-50 cm above the roof. Otherwise, the roof may mirror the signal and cancel it – like mirage.
Height selection for stationary beacons in case of NIA or MF NIA
  • Also, there are practical limitations that usually prevail: safety, permits, etc. Often, unauthorized personnel are not allowed to climb stairs or beyond a small particular height, for example, 3m or 5m. There are basic stairs that can be up to 4.5m, for example. Or there could be a layer in the shelves that is suitable for placing the beacon – not higher and not lower
warehouse worker climbing stairs

For the particular case when the Horn as used along with the stationary beacon, there is a minimum distance from the Horn where the mobile beacon can be tracked and that depends on the height of the Horn. Thus, you may need to put the stationary beacon not too high above the mobile beacons or you will create an artificial dead service zone.

Height of the stationary beacons when the use Horn

Thus, for this particular case with Horns on stationary beacons for both IA and NIA, we recommend the height of the Horn 1-2 meters above the mobile beacons on the roof of the forklifts: it wouldn’t create the large dead service zone, on the one hand, and on the other hand, it would minimize chances of potential occlusions due to lamps of the forklift’s roof, etc.

Other frequently asked questions about height

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