Marvelmind Robotics List

A list of companies operating in the fields relevant to autonomous robotics and precise indoor positioning and navigation with the focus on the industrial applications.

Table of Contents

Autonomous robots

Industrial delivery – robot “Chuck” – boxes delivery in warehouses – different robots, including, autonomous delivery. Probably, they deliver other people’s robots (Jun.2021) – autonomous mobile robot (AMR) for warehouses (Jun.2021) – autonomous delivery robots for logistics/manufacturing. S.Korea (Jun. 2021) – tugs. Not much known (Jun. 2021)


Outdoor delivery – lesser-known 4-wheeled small grocery delivery robot – prominent autonomous 4-wheeled mini-cars for grocery delivery. Uses a LIDAR. (Jun. 2021) – another small 6-wheeled delivery robot for grocery. We know little about it (Jun.2021) – notable player with a small 6-wheeled grocery delivery robots. Estonia/USA (Jun. 2021)

Research and university – different types of autonomous robots and parts (chassis, etc.). China (Jun. 2021) – an opensource DIY self driving platform for small scale cars – different kind of research and special (Fukusima) robots. Poland (Jun. 2021) – several types of robots. But looks like suitable mostly for research


Service robotics (cafe, hospitals, advertising and similar) – a more traditional and established player with autonomous delivery robots focused on hospitals (Jun. 2021) – advertising robot-guide. Russia (Jun.2021) – robots for cafes and restaurants. Uses Intel RealSense. Est. 2016 in Shenzhen (Nov. 2020) – old friends with hotel delivery robots (Jun. 2021)  – several types of robots from personal mobility to industrial delivery


Components and other parts

There are many important components for autonomous robotics: cameras, LIDARs, MEMS, motors, batteries, etc.

Arms – well-established robot arms vendor (Jun.2021)

INS – precise inertial solutions for marine, industrial, robotics (Jun.2021)

Other parts – An interesting provider of antennas for UWB, connectors and other IoT solutions in general (Nov.2020)

Indoor Positioning

There are several technologies relevant for precise indoor positioning and autonomous robots, drones for industrial applications. Our highest focus is on the most applicable ones – UWB. Much less – on BLE or WiFi or Lora or ZigBee. We may list some players in those fields as well despite, but mostly because they stand out from the crowd by something.

BLE, WiFi and other – large maping player that is buying other IPS companies (Jun.2021)

Optical – inside-out tracking for VR/AR, filming (Jun.2021) – well-known optical tracking (outside-in?) for VR/AR, filming, drones indoor (Jun.2021)

Other types and special – reels-based positioning for industrial applications (Jun.2021)

Ultra Wideband (UWB) – not entirely clear what their solution actually is (Jun.2021) – de facto, the main UWB chip supplier for the majority of the UWB players. Now part of qorvo (Nov.2020) – UWB solutions moving more to general IoT (Jun.2021) – A former BLE solution vendor turned to UWB solution vendor as well (Jun. 2021) – UWB solutions… Not clear which hardware (Jun.2021) – active player in Indoor Navigation and Positioning – UWB and several other technologies (Jun. 2021) – mostly BLE and WiFi, but listing UWB as solutions as well (Jun.2021) – UWB for industry and sport. Not so clear (Jun. 2021) – Potentially, a very big UWB chip player. But their business model in regards to UWB is not clear (Nov.2020) – popular small UWB player. Arduino-friendly – UWB solutions. HW+SW. USA/China/Ukraine (Jun.2021) – A seemingly small UWB player (Jun. 2021) – UWB solutions with reasonable product prices (Jun. 2021)

Forums, communities, lists – A report on UWB by MarketsandMarkets, an analytics company (Nov.2020) – A list of Ultra Wideband (UWB) Manufacturers & Services by RF Cafe (Nov.2020) – a non-profit online communication platform for robotics (Jun.2021)

Outdoor positioning

GPS and RTK GPS – a very large GPS player. Surveying. (Jun.2021)

Shopping – an impressive shopping list for drones from ready to flying to tiny boards (Jun.2021) – presumably the largest online robotics store and our good long-term partner (Jun.2021)