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A list of companies operating in the fields of autonomous robotics, drones and precise indoor positioning and navigation with the focus on the industrial applications.

Autonomous robots

Industrial delivery


Outdoor delivery

  • – lesser-known 4-wheeled small grocery delivery robot
  • – prominent autonomous 4-wheeled mini-cars for grocery delivery. Uses a LIDAR. (Jun. 2021)
  • – another small 6-wheeled delivery robot for groceries. We know little about it (Jun.2021)
  • – notable player with a small 6-wheeled grocery delivery robot. Estonia/USA (Jun. 2021)

Research and university


Service robotics (cafe, hospitals, advertising and similar)


Autonomous drones

Components and other parts

There are many important components for autonomous robotics: cameras, LIDARs, MEMS, motors, batteries, etc.



Other parts

  • – An interesting provider of antennas for UWB, connectors and other IoT solutions in general (Nov.2020)
  • – Microwave radars for drones, robots, obstacle detection, and positioning (Oct.2022)

Indoor Positioning

There are several technologies relevant for precise indoor positioning and autonomous robots, drones for industrial applications. Our highest focus is on the most applicable ones – UWB. Much less – on BLE or WiFi or Lora or ZigBee. We may list some players in those fields as well despite, but mostly because they stand out from the crowd by something.

BLE, WiFi and other


Other types and special – reels-based positioning for industrial applications (Jun.2021)

Ultrasound – the first direct competitor we found online (Nov.2022). Claims millimeter-level accuracy. Friendly website, but not many details about the actual performance and pricing. They seem to be just starting because they have many beautiful 3D images – much fewer details of actual products. We have been commercially offering our solutions since 2014.

The technology is there. The need is there. We welcome both partners and competitors to the field.

Our customers from S.Africa pointed them to us during the call, saying: “We are impressed with your (Marvelmind Robotics) pricing because their pricing is out of our range.”

About the accuracy: sure, you can do millimeter-level accuracy easily by more averaging. You can do it today using the Marvelmind Indoor Positioning System. See more.

To improve the accuracy even further, if you need it, we can do for you IMU+Ultrasound sensor fusion. We have done sensor fusion to increase the update rate to 100Hz. But the same approach can be made to achieve even sub-millimeter accuracy for positioning. Limits before further optimization there are about 0.2-0.5mm. So, for special cases, it is achievable – request.

Ultra Wideband (UWB)

Forums, communities, lists

Outdoor positioning



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