Issues with modern AI

Modern is a too steady word for too fluid AI progress… At the same time, I personally witnessed a couple of AI winters and several more before me… Thus, modern means – the years 2020-2024.

I prepared a PDF and a video three years ago – eternity in the modern world. A huge progress happened during time. Seemingly. But, surprisingly, all key issues are not solved and are not very much addressed. Everybody is chasing too similar goals and using too similar tools – the favorites of the last years: LLMs and transformers.

Surely, the chances to get a big return on VC investments are high. But creating the AI? – I seriously doubt.

Having said that, we, as a small company Marvelmind – are in a privileged positions:

  • We don’t have to chase because we are not accountable for VCs
  • If VC-supported companies succeed, we, as all humanity win
  • If they don’t, we are in as good or even better position because we don’t waste time chasing the wrong cat’s tail
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