Why Marvelmind Indoor “GPS”

Most accurate indoor positioning system

Marvelmind is the world’s most accurate commercially available indoor positioning system for industrial applications.

  • If 10-30cm is enough for you, choose between Marvelmind Indoor “GPS” and UWB
  • If accuracy of 2-5 meters is OK to you or if you want to track mobile phones, choose BLE
  • If a room-level accuracy is OK, choose WiFi
  • If you need precise tracking outdoor and GPS is available, use RTK GPS
  • Typical VR/AR applications – use optical solutions with assistance (including assistance from Marvelmind Indoor “GPS”)

However, if accuracy of positioning (robots, drones, forklifts, humans) is important for you and GPS/Glonass/Beidu/Galileo is not available, i.e. you can’t use RTK GPS, for example, then Marvelmind Indoor “GPS” shall be your first choice.

Focus on industrial applications

The tail of applications of indoor positioning systems is very-very long – from purely industrial tracking of forklifts or cranes to sports and games, from AR/VR to autonomous robotics and autonomous drones, from scientific measurements to cinema, theaters and shows. The list of existing commercial applications is very long indeed.

Our indoor positioning system is used among other applications in:

Marvelmind Indoor “GPS” is various application, but the system is particularly tuned for:

  • Autonomous robots and autonomous drones indoor
  • Industrial tracking indoor: forklifts/vehicles, humans and their interaction, cranes and machines in general
  • Warehousing and logistics in various forms

Commercially available since 2014

Marvelmind Indoor “GPS” has been commercially available since 2014 and we gained invaluable experience through interaction with our customers and implementing the projects. We still learn every day, but we already know the most typical expectations, problems and concerns very well. And we prepared the answers and solutions for them over the years.

Please, check the list of commercially available products and solutions.

The list of universities that used our solution.

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