Patients rehabilitation

Doctors need to monitor how much patients walk after operations, what their pace is and other key parameters in order assist with patients rehabilitation. Doing that simply by watching is too time consuming and inefficient. Using observations by less experienced staff can be unreliable.

Using precise indoor positioning system it is possible to make the rehabilitation process far more efficient and measurable.

Key elements of solution

  1. Mobile beacons, typically, Marvelmind Badges given each patient during their walks
  2. Stationary beacons, typically, Super-Beacons or Super-Beacons-Outdoor are placed along the walk so that at any moment patients’ badges have a direct line of sight to two or more stationary beacons within 30m at the same time
  3. Super-Modem – a central controller of the system that allows to set up and control the system and that streams out the location data (in various protocols and physical interfaces, including UDP over WiFi) of the patients’ badges in real time with typical update rate of 4-8Hz
  4. Dashboard – the visualization SW that is “an eye” to the system via the modem and that stores all received location and accelerometer data in CSV files that are good and easy for post-processing and analysis by doctors using Excel and other tools
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