Typical costs

Small systems or PoC projects - 400-2000 EUR

For small projects – one room with one robot, for example – or similar basic proof of concept (PoC) or technology/solution, everything is straightforward:

  • Choose or create a set from the list of products. All prices are available and public: https://marvelmind.com/products/. The sets include all required hardware and software. It is a complete system out of the box
  • If you know nothing about Marvelmind Indoor “GPS” but want to make a fast and safe choice, select Starter Set Super-MP. It is a complete system of the box, and you don’t have to pay for anything else: all required SW is included; no SW subscription is needed
  • If you want to be even safer, order additional Super-Beacons and 1-2 spare modems. Thus, not only will you be able to run 2-3 projects in parallel, but in case you mechanically crush or electrically kill a modem, for example, you won’t be limited in your project. You won’t be forced to wait for another parcel to come. And in general, it is recommended to have spares – they give freedom and confidence
  • More on architecture selection – check the video
  • More on products selection – check the video

For small projects – one starter set and similar, we suggest users follow the step-by-step guide from the Operating Manual, check the unpacking video, and deploy the system in a few minutes:

If any problems or vagueness, follow the Help page.

Medium size projects - 10-30kEUR

What the medium size projects are:
  • Smaller warehouses with a relatively simple structure for 10-50 stationary beacons and 1-50 mobile objects (people or machines)
  • One floor with rooms and corridors with a few dozen of stationary beacons
Typical examples:

For these projects, we strongly recommend doing the Network Planning and the Full Remote Network Deployment for you. Yes, with skills and experience, you can do it yourself, but the practice shows that you will save a lot of time and money if we do it for you for the first 1-2 installations.

We are open to teaching and educating while deploying the system. Thus, ask questions, learn and implement the next time by yourself.

The split between hardware+software (HW+SW) and network planning and the network planning and implementation depends on the area’s complexity and other impacting factors (temperature range, power supply options, external noise, types of mobile objects, required accuracy, etc.). But roughly, the HW+SW accounts for 50-70% of the costs, and the rest is implementation services.

Depending on the requirements, additional SW or HW customization may be required. We have done it many times. Thus, send us your needs, and we will provide quotations and an implementation schedule shortly. The typical range of costs is from 300 EUR and one day to implement to several kEUR and several weeks to implement.

Typically, the medium size projects take 2-8 weeks to implement, which includes everything from initial ordering to delivery, remote implementation, testing, tuning, and acceptance.

Typical medium size project costs
Typical cost of indoor positioning system

Larger projects - 50-500+kEUR

What the larger projects are:
  • Larger warehouses (10,000-100,000m2)
  • Multi-floor areas
  • Areas with particularly complex internal structure
  • Areas with many rooms
  • Multi-building networks
  • Tunnels or mines
  • Special conditions include requiring explosion-protected certifications (oil, gas, and similar)
  • When hundreds of stationary and mobile beacons involved
  • When particular significant customization development is required

The larger projects require pervasive network planning and close collaboration between all teams involved (you, your/our integrator, and Marvelmind Robotics).

Network implementation is typically done remotely, but in some particularly complex cases, also on-site with our direct supervision or via supervision and direct implementation by our partners-integrators.

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