We support multiple different solutions for different tasks. Among them:

  • How to build autonomous robots and drones. How to provide precise tracking for them in 2D and 3D
  • What solutions to use to track forklifts or other vehicles indoor precisely
  • How to provide safety for people with ultrasound and UWB solutions
  • And many-many more in the long-tail of different applications from bridge cranes tracking to sports and VR/AR

We explain how to design and build autonomous mobile robots:

  • What components to choose – for example, what Marvelmind starter set is the best to start with for the autonomous robots – or what motors and where to get them
  • Touching different types of robots – from basic self-driving robots for the university robot course to robust autonomous delivery robots for warehousing and industry
  • Particular aspects of swarm robotics and how address them

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There are many options to fly autonomous drones outdoor. The vast majority of them rely on GPS or other GNSS systems for the autonomous flight. However, GPS does not work indoor and requirements for the precision is much higher indoor than for outdoor. Thus, the choices of autonomous drones indoor are so limited as compared with outdoor.

We explain where to start and how to build your autonomous drone indoor.

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It is important to track indoor forklifts, carts, AGVs and other vehicles for various purposes:

  • Safety: to prevent collisions, accidents, breaking of vehicles or goods
  • Productivity: to assign tasks based on location, to know the routes and optimize driving
  • Monitoring: receive data from the vehicle; send data to the vehicle or stop it completely

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Precise positioning and navigation for people indoor or in GNSS denied areas is crucially important for increasing safety and productivity.

Defining and monitoring of geo-fencing zones for safety. Monitoring of dangerous height or inactivity

Warehouses, assembly or chemical plants, tunnels, mines, oil/gas refineries – any kind of dangerous industrial tasks greatly benefit from real-time precise tracking of workers.

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UWB is a great technology for positioning for industrial applications. Unlike BLE or WiFi or LoRa or ZigBee, UWB is designed for positioning. It provides confident sub-meter accuracy of positioning (line of sight). Typical – 10-30cm (with line of sight).

UWB is particularly good for people tracking or tracking of static objects when 10-30cm of accuracy is enough. For higher accuracy use ultrasound-based systems.

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Our customers integrate our beacons, modems, chassis as an element of their own products. Thus, they often need dimension and even more detailed information, like, .STEP or PDF files.

On this page we collect this mechanical information. If something is missing, send us a request to and we will add it.

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