• Modem is the central controller of the system and must be always active, when the system is running
  • Supports up to 30 beacons – mobile + stationary in any combinations
  • Modem is used to set up the system, monitor it, and interact with the Dashboard
  • Modem can be placed anywhere within radio coverage for permanent radio connection with all beacons—usually in the radius of up to 100 meters with antennas from the Starter Set. Radio coverage further extended to a few hundred meters by using a lower bitrate of 38kbps and full-size (165mm for a 433MHz band) antennas, which been tested up to 400 m in ideal conditions
  • There are 433MHz and 915MHz modem versions available
  • A proprietary radio protocol used for communication and synchronization
  • More on modem interfaces: https://marvelmind.com/download/

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433 MHz (EU), 915 MHz (US)

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