Direct connection with Android/iOS device

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Direct connection with Android/iOS device

Post by WildMaN »

Hey folks,

I stumbled upon this post on Unity forums ... vr.829899/ and I'm really interested in connecting the beacon/tag directly with the mobile device via the OTG cable in order to get it's precise location right in the Unity app.

What I don't get currently is what kind of cable would I need, smth like this USB-C to UART ... type-c.htm or no? And are there any C# protocol wrappers/libs I can start with?

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Re: Direct connection with Android/iOS device

Post by smoker77 »


Yes, it seems the board by your link should work for connection of the Android/iOS device with the mobile beacon via UART.
But maybe more simple way will be using USB OTG cable and connecting the Android/iOs device directly to the USB port of the mobile beacon.
Also you can use Bluetooth communication. We have tried HC05 Bluetooth adapters connected to UART of the mobile beacon.

Here is C# code example provided by one of our customers:
C# sample code written by Andrej Kičina,

You can also find this link on downloads page on our site

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Re: Direct connection with Android/iOS device

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Hi smoker77,
It's great to thank for your sharing as I access this link toilet

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