Interface with Pixhawk through Mission Planner

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Interface with Pixhawk through Mission Planner

Post by yjlee901 »

I am trying to integrate Marvelmind to a pixhawk system on a quadcopter for autonomous flights.

I am following the instructions laid out in the manual titled "PixHawk and Marvelmind Integration Manual
PixHawk/APM Integration with Marvelmind mobile beacon".

I have followed instructions in "1. Marvelmind software installation and configuration" and system is working OK.

I have successfully downloaded Mission Planner and parameter file in "2. Autopilot setup".
However I keep failing to download autopilot software at url " ... sp=sharing".
when I goto the site. it says "Access denied." and asks for "Request Access" and then tells me to wait for an e-mail to let me know if I have been
granted an access. I have requsted for the access several times, but there has not been any e-mail either confirming or denying the said access.
And currently this is hoding up further progress.

Please advise me on how to deal with this.

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Re: Interface with Pixhawk through Mission Planner

Post by smoker77 »


Please apply the settings for the mobile beacon and Pixhawk which we have used to get "3D fix" during our tests: ...
It was tested with Arducopter 4.2.2 Pixhawk firmware, please try this version.

Also please use the updated version of Marvelmind software (reflash modem and beacons, use the updated dashboard): ... share_link
This is a beta version that is still not available on our site, but has some fixes and improvements.

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