ROS Kinetic error: no output

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ROS Kinetic error: no output

Post by rimiru »

Hi everyone,
I have a problem trying to establish communication with Marvelmind devices using ROS. I am currently using Ubuntu Linux version 16.04.1, and ROS with parameters:
-rosdistro: kinetic
-rosversion: 1.12.13

So, I have followed all of the steps stated here: ... 09_11a.pdf

up until the second page, where it says:

"Then run the node 'hedge_rcv_bin' for receiving data from hedgehog as shown on following screenshot.
Note the parameter of the running program is '/dev/ttyACM1', the name of virtual serial port detected by
previous command. If the port is '/dev/ttyACM0', this parameter can be skipped. "

Once I introduce the command

rosrun marvelmind_nav hedge_rcv_bin /dev/ttyACM0

shown in the picture of the PDF, I get the message:

"Opened serial port /dev/ttyACM0 with baudrate 9600"

And that's it, it doesn't output any location data, as it should, according to the PDF.

So, my question is, what should I do to get the data?

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Re: ROS Kinetic error: no output

Post by smoker77 »

Are you sure you have successfully built and frozen map?
The mobile beacon streams data only when the map is frozen and hedgehog receives its updated position.
So please check the map with dashboard - does the map frozen and hedgehog updates its position of the map.
If the trouble will continue, please share the screenshot of the map in dashboard.

Also please check the hedgehog's setting 'Protocol of UART/USB output' in 'Interfaces' section in dashboard.
This setting should be in 'Marvelimind' state.

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Re: ROS Kinetic error: no output

Post by mustafa_soliman »

I had that problem and you just need to make sure the dashboard is closed

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