HedgeHog not detected in IA

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HedgeHog not detected in IA

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I have Marvelmind Beacon Super-MP-3D hardware. I have implemented the NIA using Super-MP-3D beacons. It worked fine. I tried to implement IA using the same hardware and updating the firmware of IA but I am facing an issue. Mobile beacon is not detected in the dashboard. I tried changing the update rate but found no results. RSSI of Mobile beacon is within the range. May i know if there is any software upgrade to be done.

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Re: HedgeHog not detected in IA

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The difference between IA and NIA is that you need to freeze both submap and map when the submap is ready.
And the mobile beacon should be already woken when you freeze the map, because map settings are uploaded to the mobile beacon at the moment of freezeng the map.
Also, after uploading IA firmware after NIA, we recommend to press 'default' button in dashboard for all beacons and modem to make sure all settings are switched to default state. Also press 'erase map' for modem to make sure the NIA map is cleared.

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