Reading serial number etc. via API

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Reading serial number etc. via API

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Hi all,

is it possible to read a unique identifier / serial number identifying a device via USB/serial?

Motivation: We have the hedgehog directly being read. We calibrate the IMU data as described in ... -(compass)

and we would like to store the offsets for a given hedgehog, so that they can be configured automatically.

Any ideas?



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Re: Reading serial number etc. via API

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Yes, you connect over USB and see in the Dashboard - top-right corner.
Regarding API - my colleague will check and comment later

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Re: Reading serial number etc. via API

Post by smoker77 »


Reading of CPU ID is already implemented in API.
The example coming with API prints CPU ID of all detected devices (see attached screenshot).

The function in the example which reads ID is:
bool mmGetVersionAndId(uint8_t address, MarvelmindDeviceVersion *mmDevVersion);
CPU ID returned by this function is 32-bit integer value which if printed as hexadecimal will be shown like on the screenshot and on the sticker on the beacon or modem.

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