1D measurement with Super-Beacons

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1D measurement with Super-Beacons

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We have starter set for Super Beacons and want to get only 1D measurement (distance between hegde and stationary beacon). We believe, we are going to use only one stationary beacon in each submap but how are we going to get the data from the system? Do we need to configure any settings in dashboard?

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Re: 1D measurement with Super-Beacons

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1D is not different from 2D or 3D, simply, instead of 2 or 4 stationary beacons for 2D and 3D respectively, you have only 1 stationary beacon per submap.

The same way you are getting the location data as well:
- Either from the mobile beacon
- Or from the modem
No difference from a regular 2D map, for example.

No special settings are required.

- https://youtu.be/G7jsAwS7Pyw
- https://youtu.be/OYrLOpGvbig
- https://youtu.be/Zq-OajHQviA - 1D in the corridor; then - 3D in the room; then - vertical 2D on the stairs


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