Marvelmind stationary beacons not recognized

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Marvelmind stationary beacons not recognized

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Hi team,

I am using 4 stationary beacons and 1 super beacon (mobile beacon). I have downloaded the latest software pack from the website (v7.306).
After downloading, I have connected my modem and uploaded the firmware (modem hw49_nia) from software_nia folder. Similarly, I have done this for 4 stationary beacons from the same folder (beacon hw_49_nia) and for the super beacon from the super_beacon_nia folder residing inside the software_nia folder. After uploading firmware for each device individually, I have clicked on the default button as well and checked the radio parameters, they are all the same

When I connect the dashboard and place the beacons accordingly at proper distances, The stationary beacons are not detected when I wake them, but the super beacon (mobile beacon) is being detected. I cannot do anything just with one beacon as I can't track anything properly. Also, when I connect the modem, the modem button on the dashboard should be in green color ideally, but in my case, it is in yellow. When the super beacon is being detected that particular beacon (beacon 17 in my case) is in green and when I enable hedgehog mode, it turns blue. When things are working with the super beacon why is it not working with the stationary beacons.??

I am using Linux version inside my ubuntu system. I do not understand why this is happening. I really need to work this up as I am using this for my final project. Please let me know if there is an issue with the new version or if I am missing something.

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Re: Marvelmind stationary beacons not recognized

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- What beacons and modem do you have? Beacons HW v4.9 and Modem v4.9? Or Super-Beacons and Modem v5.1?


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