Data refresh rate - Arduino UART

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Data refresh rate - Arduino UART

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I'm currently having an issue on displaying data on serial monitor of arduino: rate of display is slow and inconsistent.

Do you have any idea what could be the issue ?
(I'm beginner, I've tested a lot of things, and read many things on forum)

Current situation:
- The dashboard is working fine, i see the beacon moving with A LOT of points on the map
- The "serial monitor" from arduino is displaying 1 data every seconds at best and sometimes freezes for 10 sec even if i move
- Changing rate 9600, 500000, ... changes nothing

Set up:
- Arduino uno
- Super Beacon 2 (915-19k-IMU)
- Software of beacons up to date and the same
- Rate is the same on arduino, beacon and modem
- Connexions on tx/rx ok
- High location precision disabled
- Maps are frozen
- hedgehog_sample_uart_ranges_v4 is used to catch data on arduino
- NIA set up with 3 fixed beacons and 1 mobile

- New cables
- Another arduino uno
- Other beacons

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Re: Data refresh rate - Arduino UART

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I could not find 'hedgehog_sample_uart_ranges_v4' in our sources. Where did you take it?
Please try the examples from the attachment - we fixed some issue which could cause some data loss.
If this will not help, please share your code with sending data to the serial monitor.
And share photos of your wiring connections if possible.
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