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How to set Yaw on drone when using SuperBeacon as GPS ?

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2021 3:44 pm
by GeorgeFlorian
Hello !

I am following these tutorials in order to use a Super Beacon from Marvelmind as GPS: ... 10_11x.pdf ... Manual.pdf ... lmind.html ... manual.pdf

And I am stuck at Set BCN_ORIENT_YAW. I don’t understand how to set YAW.

The ArduPilot guide says:
Set BCN_ORIENT_YAW to the heading from the origin beacon to the 2nd beacon. One way to capture this value is to stand at the origin holding the vehicle so that it’s nose points towards the second beacon. Read the vehicle’s heading from the HUD and enter this value into BCN_ORIENT_YAW

Also, there is another way of setting BCN_ORIENT_YAW in one of Marvelmind’s manuals: ... manual.pdf

At 9.11. Settings to obtain the correct north direction it says that I can somehow take BCN_ORIENT_YAW as the angle between the Y axis and the real north (while having the lowest address as the origin ), measured manually in some way or another.

Following another guide: ... Manual.pdf
At chapter 9 it describes yet another way of setting the Yaw.

I've followed the ArduPilot guide and tried setting BCN_ORIENT_YAW as the angle between the Y axis on the Dashboard and the real north but this gives erratic readings on MissionPlanner like 300 m/s speed when the drone is stationary.

How do I properly set the Yaw ?

It’s very confusing when there are 3 guides telling you 3 different things.