"Starter Set Industrial-NIA-01" ranging inaccurate

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"Starter Set Industrial-NIA-01" ranging inaccurate

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Beacon Industrial-TX-25 to Beacons Industrial-RX ranging is accurate;
Beacons Industrial-RX to Beacon Industrial-TX-25 ranging is inaccurate;
Beacons Industrial-RX to Beacons Industrial-RX ranging is inaccurate;

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Re: "Starter Set Industrial-NIA-01" ranging inaccurate

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Right. Because Industrial-RX doesn't emit ultrasound. They can't get the distance towards another Industrial-RX or towards Industrial-TX. It must be Industrial Super-Beacon or Industrial-TX on the other end and they must emit. Then, Industrial-RX can measure the distance - not vice versa.

The same you shall expect with Industrial-TX to Industrial-TX, for example. They can transmit ultrasound, but they can't receive.

For these cases, you shall enter either distances or coordinates manually.

Industrial Super-Beacons offer the easiest way - they self-measure the distances automatically.

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