Stationary Beacons "linked" together and moving around

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Stationary Beacons "linked" together and moving around

Post by fsteinme »

we got a setup of 6 stationary Beacons and one Hedgehog to get the positon of a drone. The spatial placement is as suggested in the Marvelmind documentation. The version is the latest version.

Now we got some strange behavior when creating submaps for the stationary beacons. First, two of the stationary beacons are "linked" together. Let's call them SB1 and SB2. This means, when moving SB1 in our lab, SB2 will move in the submap. When moving SB2 in our room SB2 will move too in the submap. We checked that the identifiers for both stationary beacons are different and try to reset them too. However, this didn't help with our problem. Did this problem occur to anyone else, and if so how did you solve it?

Furthermore, is there any GitRepo to check some source code of the software to further understand what happens exactly?


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Re: Stationary Beacons "linked" together and moving around

Post by Alexander_Marvelmind »

General recommendation for map building - Wake up beacons for SM1 - build SM1 - freeze it, lock it (green square near to "freeze submap" button). Create SM2 - Wake up beacons for SM2 - build SM2 - freeze it, lock it. And etc..
Otherwise, it can jump somewhere, or new beacons can try to ruin previously built submaps.
We are still catching some bugs in map building, so the way I described - is the most safe and stable for map building.

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