Industrial NIA setup

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Industrial NIA setup

Post by gonzalezgabe »

Hello all,
I recently acquired a industrial NIA starter set 1. It includes the following:
4 x Beacons Industrial-RX as stationary beacons
1 x Beacon Industrial-TX-25 with 25kHz-transducers as mobile beacon
1 x Modem HW v4.9-Outdoor

I downloaded the manual and followed the instructions in section 4.6 with great attention to detail. Unfortunately I’m having little success getting this to operate. After completing all steps the mobile beacon icon will show as being right on top of one of my stationary beacons, and maybe after 5 minutes or so it will jump to the middle of the map and remain there. I know this is vague information, but it’s all I have to go off of.

It should be noted that SW Package 6.210 did not have a SW file for standard industrial beacons, only Super industrial beacons. In fact, all of my beacons came out of the box with the same super industrial beacon firmware on them, albeit an older version. So when upgrading I installed super industrial firmware to all beacons, and hw 4.9 to the modem. Outside of that, instructions were followed to the finest detail. Any idea why I’d be having issues?

All beacons have 12v 2a power supplies, stationary beacons are all within appropriate range and angles of each other, the table of distances was created with great care and accuracy. My mobile beacon was put into hedgehog mode as well.

Thanks for all your help!!

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Re: Industrial NIA setup

Post by Alexander_Marvelmind »

Yes, it's the same SW as for Industrial Super-Beacon. Board is the same in your case (you have pre-installed Super-Beacon SW and can be sure that Super-Beacon SW is suitable for your beacons)

You are right to be very careful with it, some users may have Industrial Beacons with previous HW installed - that makes unavailable to work with Industrial Super-Beacon SW, and requires special SW version.

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