Retrieving distance from only one stationary beacon

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Retrieving distance from only one stationary beacon

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I am writting a master's thesis in navigation systems. In my work i need the ability to know the distance between a vehicle and a known location. For this i am using two HWv4.9 one running as stationary beacon and another as hedge. I have enabled raw distances on the hedge and i am running the C language example on linux (with all print functions comented except for the Raw DIstances one). I get the message the port has oppened at baud rate 9600 and then i get nothing else. I have tried debugging my problem and i have discovered the code is set to create 4 raw distance data structures which i suppose is related to the normal use of 4 stationary beacons instead of one, in my case. Also I have discovered that within the function printRawDistancesFromMarvelmindHedge() and after getting the RawDistances, the structure position related to the update, rawDistances.updated(), is set to false making the program not enter the if statement which controls the writting on the screen.

Has anyone had my problem? Should I even expect this to work using only a stationary beacon and a hedge?

Thanks in advance
João Franco

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Re: Retrieving distance from only one stationary beacon

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Have you frozen a submap and map in dashboard?
Until submap is frozen, system is in 'map build' state and hedgehog doesn't stream out location and raw distances.
Even if you use only one stationary beacon.
After freezing the submap/map with one stationary beacon you will get 1D tracking, so mobile beacon will move along a line coming from stationary beacon.

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