2 independent networks

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2 independent networks

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I bought 2 Starter Set HW v4.9-NIA.
We would like to build two independent networks using these, and want to acquire the information on one PC at the same time.
However, I don't know how to do this because I can't launch multiple dashboards.
I would like to know if there is this method.

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Re: 2 independent networks

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You can launch different dashboards using command line parameters.
You will need two copies of dashboard in two directories, for example 'c:\dashboard1' and 'c:\dashboard2'.
If one modem is connected to COM3 port and second modem is connected to COM4 port, you can run one dashboard as 'c:\dashboard1\dashboard.exe COM3' and second dashboard as 'c:\dashboard2\dashboard.exe COM4'.

Also note your two systems should work on different radio channels and ultrasonic frequencies.
Ultrasonic frequencies can be same only if these two systems are not interfere each other, for example if they are located in different rooms.

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