Trouble getting hedgehog position in Raspberry PI 3

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Trouble getting hedgehog position in Raspberry PI 3

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Hello all,

I am attempting to get the mobile beacon connected to a Raspberry PI 3 Model B+ and run a Python program that will connect the values of the beacon. Currently, I have the system set up with two beacons and a hedgehog as such:
2020-04-16 13_06_59-.png
And I am running "" on a Raspberry PI connected to the beacon by USB:

Code: Select all

from marvelmind import MarvelmindHedge
from time import sleep
import sys

def main():
    hedge = MarvelmindHedge(tty = "/dev/ttyACM0", adr=None, debug=False) # create MarvelmindHedge thread
    hedge.start() # start thread
    while True:
            # print (hedge.position()) # get last position and print
        except KeyboardInterrupt:
            hedge.stop()  # stop and close serial port
Here is my output, only 0's:
2020-04-16 13_09_12-Python 3.8.1 Shell.png
Thank you and let me know if there is anymore information needed!

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